pair 10'' brass carving sheep on elephant candlestick statue

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Size: each Height 10 inch .Long 6 inch . breadth 4 inch

Weight:about 1.8 KG----included the weight of packing

Condition:Very Good Statue.

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Gold-plated, also known as fire, ancient bronze and silver jewelry for the gold surface decoration methods.
This process has been thousands of years. Gold and mercury by mixing to form a gold amalgam.
In the desire to decorate the surface of the hand-painted gold amalgam, and then heating evaporation of mercury, gold will remain in the objects surface.
Is repeated several layers to ten layers, depending on the full symmetry Serve gold layer, and then use agate calendar. The traditional process for full rich gold layer,
Decorative and strong, easy to wear. Throwing the boiling gold, gold-filled people will form a random sprinkling of thin Suijin as the effect of the paper,
Used for decorative copper stove. I use it for boiling the golden hook, the hook was spotted throwing his head.
Edit this paragraph gold-plate method
(A) imitation of the "golden stick." Prepare a Tonggun, hit the front end flat, slightly cocked, stained with mercury, dry Serve "golden stick."
(B) of the evil King. The dissolution of gold, dissolved by mercury. To be dissolved gold, into the cold water basin, making it thick sludge, called "golden soil"
(C) wiping gold, that is, objects on the smear of gold in the mud.
(D) On payment. The red-hot charcoal on the deformation of smoke-free wire cage with a metal bar lug,
Wipe the place of gold around the roast, the evaporation of mercury in gold clay, objects close to the surface of gold.
(E) pressure light. Hardness of agate or jade made seven or eight degrees of pressure sub-surface repeatedly in the gold-plated grinding pressure, the gold-plated flattened, to reinforce and bright.
Edit this paragraph and paste gold-filled, gold-plated, gold-difference
1. Gilt (gilded) gold extraction: artifacts decorated with gold as a method.
Where the gold dissolved in mercury painted with a brush the surface of objects, dried, baked with charcoal,
Then agate calendar, all the processes need to be rep...

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