Pair Antique Elephant Tusk Ivory Statues Man Women

Antique Pair Elephant Ivory Carved Statues

You are bidding on a pair of antique carved elephant tusk ivory statues. These are carved out of solid elephant tusk. A very detailed pair of figurines. T is also very detailed scrimshaw work, especially around the head. They measure 11 1/2 inches tall(including stands). Together including their dark wooden stands weigh 2 pounds 2.4 ounces. The stands are of a rich would that is typical for detailed carved elephant ivory pieces.

The only damage to the item is on the women figurine. T are two pieces that hang down from each side of her face and the one on the left side has been damaged and is now slightly shorter then her right side. T are a couple cracks that are related to the age. They were not damage from droping them or other types of damage. Lines like the ones that are in a couple areas are typical of older pieces of ivory. Sometimes if the temperature changes to rapidly these cracks can form over time. They might have been stored in an attic or other storage area for a while to get the lines you see in the pictures. They are not compromised in any way, but it is a good sign to know that they are older pieces because it doesnt happen overnight.

Figurines appear to have the Lines of Retzius which are unique to elephant ivory. These fine intersecting lines
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