Pair Antique Venetian Glass Chalice Vase Baroque Murano Gold Flecks To Restore

This remarkable pair of late 1800s-early 1900s hand crafted Renaissance style Venetian vases was purchased at the auction of the estate of R.E. Olds, of Oldsmobile fame and each varies somewhat in decoration and dimension, but I believe they were intended as a pair. They measure 13 3/8” and 13 1/8” tall x 5 3/8” across the top with 5 ¾” and 6 ¼” diameter feet and feature overlaid lattice work with blobbed appliqués of glass in the squares and on the side of the cup. The rose colored glass features lots of metallic gold inclusions and some clear accents in the stem. You will note one of the stem elements has broken free of the piece. This is a clean break with no apparent loss and will easily re-attach with the proper adhesive. Its mate has “reduced” stem elements: you can feel where more decorative bits were attached to the stem to make it more similar to its mate. The body of the piece is free of cracks and chips; there may be some missing blobbed appliqués, but they are rather random and its hard to tell for sure.WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO SHIP WORLDWIDE IF ALLOWED BY USPS. Please contact for international shipping cost quote. Stated U.S. shipping charges are for FEDEX GROUND in the contiguous 48 states. Higher rates may apply for AK and HI or USPS shipping. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. PAYMENT POLICY: Unless arrangements ... read more