A Pair of Beswick Native Indians on Horseback - No.1391

Hi, You are bidding for a Pair (Yes, that is 2) Rare Beswick Native American Indians on Horseback. (Beswick No.1391 - Believe Issued between 1955 and 1990 - Now Discontinued). Both are stamped Beswick on Horses stomach
These two figures have been in my personal possession for over 35 years and have travelled with me during my many moves or placed in storage.
As a result of their travels, they have been damaged a number of times and repaired the same number of times - alas by me.
We are now having a clear out and they have to go. On a shelf they look fine as is, but I should think that a professional collector/restorer could make a better job of the repairs than I.
So if you just want a couple of handsome figures to look at, or you think that you can improve them its over to you! .
As for damage:
The figure in Photos marked No.1: 1. Both forelegs have been broken and repaired twice 2. Both rear legs have been broken once and repaired 3. One small chip to rear of hoof on one rear leg - not repaired but barely noticeable. The figure in Photos marked No.2 1. Small chip to front of hoof to one foreleg - not repaired and barely noticeable. 2. Both rear legs have been broken and repaired once. 3. Chip to Rear of Headdress of Indian - Unrepaired
No other damage that I can find. If you wish me to
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