Pair of Bohemian Wilhelm Schiller vases in brown and turquoise. Approx 1880.

These are a pair of classic Bohemian, high-victorian, eastern-european vases in shades of brown. The handles are styled as serpents and the design has acanthus leaves and various flora. On each side of the vases is a face. One of the vases has had the foot ground down for some reason and its on a slope (shown in photo) but it stands correct nevertheless.
The inside of each vase is glazed in a pale turquoise slip. There are no cracks or hairlines but there are a few tiny fleabites on them but you have to look very hard to find them.
They measure 10.1" tall and approx 6.5" at widest point.
Due to high cost of postage, these are collection only. If someone REALLY wants them sent then I can arrange for this to be done professionally so please ask me for further details. They will have to be packed and delivered professionally as I do not have sufficient materials here.