Pair Bozak Century Speakers NearMint w/ B302A drivers

... Pictures show a matched pair of Bozak Model# B302A
... Serial Numbers are consecutive: #19499 and #19500
... Cabinets are the Bozak Century approx 27 x 24 x 20 (HWD)
... Sorry, no pictures of front of woofers/tweeters, etc; I'm not comfortable unmounting them
... Interior mint clean as you can see in the pictures. Exteriorclose to mint--a light ring on top of one cab does not show up well in picture; minor lines on both easy to polish away.
( If you have the room, consider my Item # 140331696669 -- 3 SPEAKER MODULES PER CHANNEL manufactured by HH Electronic in Fullerton, CA )
FUNCTIONING ... They sound as new (I know because I bought them new about one year ago). I listen mainly to classical stuff using tube amps; and these sound perfect t Too big for every room in new smaller house w I moved. (If you have room, see my truly space consuming HH Electronic Cabs listed separately. Those use THREE separate modules--speaker boxes--per channel! For a total of 6 modules for stereo set up!)
... QUESTIONS: Please ask before you bid. ARRANGE PAYMENT BEFORE YOU BID so we'll both be happy after you win. No refunds or exchanges: all sales are final whether the item is "New" or "AS IS". I guarantee pictures and descriptions to be accurate because I want to earn a 5-star
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