Pair British War & Bi-lingual Africa Victory Medals - Bombr.G.J.De Waal S.A.H.

Pair British War Medal, Bi-lingual Africa Victory Medal

Both medals named: Bombr.G.J.De Waal S.A.H.A

South Africa Heavy Artillery

In April and May 1916 the 5 original batteries landed at Le Havre, while the 125th followed in July. They were then deployed along the length and breadth of the Western front. They supported their countrymen of the S.A. Infantry on only three occasions, the 75th at Warlencourt (lst Somme, October 1916), the 74th at Vimy Ridge (3rd Arras, spring 1917) and the 71st at 3rd Ypres (summer 1917). Late in 1917 and in early 1918 all these batteries were combined as the 44th (71st, 73rd and 125th SBs as well as 20th) in the 5th Army and 50th (72nd, 74th, and 75th SBs and 275th battery RGA) brigades RGA.

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