Hello and Welcome to Dusty's eBay store ! A pair of EAW / RCF L18-851KN 18 inch speakers in 8 ohms. Four inch coil, 1200 watts ! Very, very heavy duty. The only difference between this pair and the other pair listed are the labels, which are worn. Both pair were rebuilt simultaniously and are a match. These are popular drivers with the dance clubs and DJ's because of their tremendous low end and huge RMS rating. Completely rebuilt, tested and sounding great. The blue material you see is filter media used to replace the open cell foam that was originally used as a filter. This material will not shed or deteriorate and wind up in the gap, ever. Expect great sound, and lots of it !, and an extended service life from these VLF drivers. Ready to rumble, literally ! When you purchase a reconed speaker from Dusty's you are buying the very best. We use only good un-damaged frames, force a bead of epoxy around the edges of the magnets filling all gaps between plate and magnet w needed and re-bond the magnet to the frame, the magnet structure will hold together for the life of the recone and t will be not a rattle or buzz. Any interior foam screening is replaced with a coated aluminum screen which will not deteriorate and plug up the coil gap over time. All our soft parts are the highest quality the industry has to offer, surpassing the quality ... read more