Pair HO Scale Custom Hand Carved Stone RR Tunnel Portal

Custom Designs for the Large Scale Model Railroad Industry
Pictured here is the old stone tunnel portal just beyond the stone bridge at Gopher's Gulch. There is another one just like it at the other end of the tunnel. The portals are new, custom crafted,hand carved, RTR and painted/weathered as shown. The auction includes two portals but does not include the HO Scale freight car or any track. These are only included in the photo to indicate scale.
Hello there, Charlie here. Just a hoot and a holler past the ol' stone bridge at Golpher's Gulch is this here tunnel. Trains passin' through this here tunnel are headed on the branch line for Hayward's Junction. I bet most of them stones actually came from Jake's Gravel Pit back when his Pappy was still diggin' them rocks. Always wanted to walk through that ol' tunnel, but was afraid that the light at the end of the tunnel would be ol' Number 12 returnin' from Hayward.
The Old Hayward Junction Branch Line Stone Tunnel Portal Near Gopher's Gulch
I want to be a thankin' you for wantin' to have this replica of the ol' Hayward Junction tunnel at Gopher's Gulch on yer layout. It gives me a heap of pleasure to know that a bit of my world will be located in yer's. Firstly, I would like to point out a couple of general observations which might not be obvious
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