Pair LG. Antique Aesthetic Gold Gesso Picture Frames w Fancy Snakeskin Texture

Here is a very rare find! This is a matching set/pair of large sized early Victorian / Aesthetic antique gold gilded wood gesso picture frames with incredible fancy Aesthetic decorations and extremely unusual snake skin texture design. These are truly outstanding and they date way back to the late 1800's. I acquired these from a beautiful old antique mansion in Central New York and they were covered up in the attic where they have probably been stored for many decades. I have never seen any like these with this fantastic snakeskin design and I will probably never find another set like them ever again. They are both very solid and retain the original lemon gold gilding in original patina. I would state them being in very wonderful condition considering the age of them being well over 100 years old and all you will find is some small areas of gesso loss here and there to be expected from age and hardly detracting from the outstanding overall appearance. These minor gesso issues almost blend right in with the designs and only adds charm and character. They have the original untouched age patina and they would clean up if so desired which would brighten them up a bit but I love the age patina just as they stand. Don't let these get away from you, they are rare! he outside measurements are 22-1/2"h x 26-3/4"w, and they fit 16" x 20" pictures, ... read more