PAIR Lg RARE Chinese Foo Dog Pottery Ceramic Roof Tiles

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"Accordingto Chinese belief, the roof of a building belongs to the spirit worldand acts as a landing platform by the aid of which spirits can descend to and ascend from our world of Mankind on Earth. The deep and underlying reason for roof decoration of buildings generally, and temples and palaces specifically, was to help this communication with the celestial world in order to attract in return, good fortune, protection and blessings."
( Laszlo Legeza, Arts of Asia Magazine, May-June,1982) Description: OUTSTANDING Pair of Chinese Roof Tiles in Gorgeous Colors that look like Majolica. These can be hung on a wall or displayed on a shelf. Roof tiles were placed on ridges and roof edges as guardians and protectors of public buildings and private homes to produce an auspicious aura that would generate favorable Feng Shui. (We are selling these as a pair only. Price listed is for both.) The Foo Dog is also known as the Celestial Dog, and the Happiness Dog. The Foo (or Fu) dog is also
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