Pair Lovely Art Deco Nichols Chinese Rug Handwoven Fuschia Topaz Birds Floral

Pair of rare and stunning antique Art Deco Nichols Chinese handwoven rugs. Probably made during the mid 1920's in one of Nichols factories. The bright colors and floral/bird motif speak to that. These are some of the most beautiful I have ever run across or seen and to have a pair is extremely rare. The colors are exquisite, golden topaz and a rich fuscia, the floral and bird motif is rare as well. The wool pile is good and luxurious on both rugs however there are areas of light wear that is pictured. The fringe is all but gone but there is still salvage on the ends. The fringe can always be replaced but I prefer not to as I think it takes away from the history and authenticity of the rug. One rug has had a small repair on the corner, it is pictured and well done however it needs to be mentioned. It measures approximately 1 deep at the biggest x 1/4" deep by 3 inches at the largest or there abouts, again not glaring at all but for accuracy. One dimed sized spot seems a little like hardened glue? I'm not certain what it is and it is difficult to photograph but needs to be mentioned. Overall the rugs measure 24" x 40.5". Wool pile and cotton foundation.
In 1924 Walter Nichols opened his rug company in Tientsin, China. The rugs he made there are known for their beautiful colors as well as deep plush pile. While the tags are long
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