Pair of T Nakayama Watercolors Original Paintings

This is a pair of watercolor paintings signed T Nakayama. Although the signature is very faded, it is clearly Takashi Nakayama, (1893 - 1978) as his signature is very distinctive; hand-printed in all capital letters. T is no mistaking the unique style of his painting. These are paintings of two lovely young Japanese women in colorful Kimonos. The detailing of the fabrics is very nice. Many, if not most of the paintings by Nakayama picture Japanese peasants going about their work and daily lives. These women appear to be a bit more dressed up and carry lovely parasols or umbrellas. The paintings are mounted on board, and have some little spots of paint loss throughout. I hope this is visible in the pictures. The worst spot is on the large basket in the one picture, and the rest is pretty evenly spread across the paintings. Even with that, they are very nice watercolors. The boards have some glue stains and some dirt around the picture - probably from a mat board. The pictures are generally very clean, with a very small amount of minute dirt specks and t I think they would look very nice if reframed. Winning bidder pays $7.95 shipping in the US.