Pair of Vintage/Antique Oriental Teak Carvings-Emperor?

A high ranking official, a sage, or even an Emperor. They might be any of those. I could not find out much about these wood carvings, and I know very little about Orientalia or Asian Sculpture, but you can see that these are carved heads, probably out of teakwood.
I can tell you that these two guys are almost spooky in their representation of a real person at a real time, they wear real headgear and clothing, and have they represent a snapshot of a time long gone. I think each of them was alive and someone carved their likeness in wood. I have had them hanging around for a long time and have nothing but good vibes from them. They are special, and should go as a pair.
Their garb and beard suggest ancient times. They are old, serene appearing, clothed in a belted robe and ornate headdress. They have very large ear lobes. I am guessing they are Chinese.
They are polished, but tool marks are visible and t, and chisel marks are clearly visible on the top of one of their hats.
They are cracked from age, clearly visible in the photos, but nothing goes through or even very far into the wood, which only adds to the overall appearance of antiquity.
T is a small chip or cut, about 1/4", out of one of the left cheek whiskers, about shoulder level. They stand about 11 1/2" tall.
T is no reserve.
Shipping is $15.
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