Pair Projected Sound Drive - In Movie Theater Speakers

One pair of Projected Sound drive in movie theatre speakers in good shape. The castings on these are in good condition. This pair is particuary nice along the bottom edges, not perfect but definately better than most of these I've seen (see picture). They are also labeled "Midway Drive In Theatre". T is a wire lead on both of these. One is missing the volume knob, and appears to also be missing the potentiometer as well, it is t, it is missing the front reatiner nut and has fallen into the speaker. The other speaker, with the volume knob, is missing the grate that covers the speaker inside the casting, once again see picture. They also have some white paint along the bottom edges presumably from when they repainted the poles which they hung on. I do not know if these work or not. Please feel free to ask any questions, and thanks for looking. Sorry no international shipping.