Selling with NO RESERVE is this sturdy set of shabby French Victorian style chairs. They feature the original worn off white paint and super carvings. Nice heart shaped backs. The upholstery is original but does need cleaning at the very least. The frames of both chairs are sturdy and solid. Have a look at the pictures w I will describe them further. MEASUREMENTS: 37 " tall from the floor to the top of the back. 26" wide and 25" deep. The seat is 18 1/2" off the floor, 20 1/2" deep from the front to the inside of the back and 21" wide between the arms.
's a view of the right and left sides.
One chair has a large spot on the back of the fabric. The other chair does not.
's what the inside of the backs look like. This is the chair on the right. The backs are not only nicely shaped but also curved or bowed, making them very comfortable.
's the back of the chair on the left.
's what the seat area looks like of the chair on the right.
's the seat area of the chair on the left.
This left chair shows a small area of wear on the front lip of the seat as shown. I know it's hard to see in the photo and in person, it is apparent upon close inspection.
's what the arm and leg area look like. Nice Victorian style carving with a French style foot.
The under sides have no springs pushing through.
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