Mrs Oldcrockles can't bear to throw anything (particularly of a ceramic nature) away, so this brightly decorated matching pair from the back of the Oriental cupboard are listed with a 99p start in the hope that they can be rescued from landfill. How old are they? Someone knows, but they don't live in the Oldcrockles household. Perhaps they were liberated from a new-fangled Chinese restaurant by a brash young couple decades ago, or they might even be from the 19th century. They have a diameter of 9.8 cms and one has a chunk out of the footrim as pictured.

Please watch this space if you’re interested in eclectic collectables. Mr and Mrs Oldcrockles are contemplating the tempus fugit inevitability of downsizing and must start reducing a lifetime’s accumulation of . . . well, anything and everything. In the months (years?) ahead there should be plenty of 18th and 19th century pottery and porcelain, sewing stuff and all sorts of assorted bits ’n’ pieces to peruse, if Mr Oldcrockles can manage to keep up the relentless posting gallop.


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