Up for your consideration is this black and white pair of old steamboats. The one on the left is the City of Savannah. This picture is in good condition; but, the glass has some surface scratching and a small piece of the gilding near the right corner has came loose, but the gilding is still there. It just needs to be glued back. The web site, has posted the following information concerning the City of Savannah river boat: Name: CITY of SAVANNAH Type: Stern-wheel, wooden hull packet Size: 186' X 31' X 5.' Power: 16's -6 ft. 3 boilers, each 42" X 22'. Paddle-wheel, 20' Launched: 1889, Jeffersonville, Ind. Howard Yard. Destroyed: 1898, Mar. 9, Memphis wharf, burned. Owners: St Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company Chartered to: 1895, Sept., Lee Line, out of Memphis Captains: Acquired by Captains. A.E. & L.P. Cummings to run Memphis-Vicksburg and at one time, possibly, Moses Kirkpatrick . Comments: 1897, Sept. 18, Shiloh Landing, 60 mi. above Vicksburg. The vessel pictured on the right is the Shiloh. The picture and frame are in good condition; but the cover glass is broken. It too, belonged to the St Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company.and judging by the US Mail sign above the name of the owner, the boat may have served as a US mail boat. The boat was built in 1902. It was 150 ft long and 28 ft wide, had full-length cabins ... read more