Pair of TELEFUNKEN MD-421 Vintage Microphones MD421 NOS

The Vintage-MIC Shop In Ebay-Town proudly presents: This is GREAT !!!!!
PAIR of RARE legendary Vintage TELEFUNKEN MD 421-5 Microphones in FANTASTIC (NOS) condition! Big-Tuchel connectors! Old Metal Logos! Consecutive Serials: 23102, 23103
Definitely one of the BEST sounding MD-421s you can buy... built by Sennheiser. Sounds MUCH better than the new ones...
Come with original clips, cases and brandnew adapter-cables to regular XLR!
PERFECT warm, vintage sound!
Looking like new and sounding FANTASTIC ...perfectly working! Looks like they have never been used ! (For details please see original pictures... click for XXL-pictures)
Depending on w you're living, t may occur additional customs/fees ! For example in the US t will be customs of about 5-6 % of total amount.
Please keep all that in mind BEFORE bidding... thank you. We do love microphones, too!
Although we earn for a living, we are still in love with all of them vintage jewels... those legendary, beautiful microphones!
So we treat them well... you can rely on that!
If you buy at Madooma-V-M, you can be sure to get very good quality at reasonable prices... guaranteed!
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