Pair of Victorian hollow-stem champagne coupes

This is what we believe to be a pair of hand-blown, Victorian, hollow-stem champagne coupes dating from the late 19th century, c1880.
The glasses are in excellent condition for their age. They show age related wear and tear to both the rims of the bowls and to the rims of the feet consistent with over 100 years of use. They have T-shaped shear marks on the feet.
The glasses have cup shaped bowls measuring 9.2 cm (3.7 inches) in diameter at the rims. The bowls sit on hollow, six sided, facet-cut stems. The stems lead to plain feet which measure 7.5 cm (3 inches) in diameter. The glasses themselves are 13 cm (5.2 inches) in height. There is a small white inclusion in the foot of one glass and a small dimple in the bowl of the other. There are no chips, cracks, significant scratches or any obvious signs of restoration. Being hand-blown the dimensions vary slightly from glass to glass.
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