Pair Wood Articulated Cobbler Riding Boot Mold Peal & Co London Stamped w/name

Wonderful wooden antique riding boot molds. Made by Peal & Co. London. Patent no. 5662. Both foot mold,

articulated at the ankle. Stands 20" inches high, the removable handle is another 3 1/2' � inches tall shoe part is 10 1/2" inches. Very unique antique. Peal & Co. were famous boot makers from London that produced boots from 1791 to 1965. They made boots for royalty, princes & princesses, celebrities like Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart, and even made boots for Theodore Roosevelt. Great historically significant pieces. I have seen these boot molds made in to lamps and sold for hundreds of dollars, but it is beautiful on display as is. Perfect addition to a man cave, barn, Western or rustic decor or equestrian collection. any questions please ask