2 pairs mahogany Chopsticks - Good luck for couples

2 pairs of Mahogany Chopsticks - Good luck is linking together

【SPECS】 85*285*30mm

【PACKAGE】 2 pairs of chopsticks, two chopstick holders

【MATERIAL】 mahogany / ox bone / horn
Mahogany is a tropical large evergreen tree, distributed in India and Southeast. Mahogany is divided into Red Mahogany, Yellow Mahogany and White Mahogany in the term of color. T are great colour and luster difference among mahogany wood. Mahogany is usually chestnut brown like Red Sandalwood. The better mahogany has hard and strong wood with dense grains, while the worse has light-color wood with non-dense grains.
Mahogany is also known as Red Sandalwood. It was recorded in Zhouche Jian wen Lu made by Jiang Fanzhe in Qing Dynasty (1644AD ~ 1912 AD) that mahogany, imported from foreign countries by boats, is like red sandalwood without crab claw tracks. It smells odoriferous like vinegar, so it is also called Suanzhi (sour branch) wood. When the wood is cut, the heartwood is light red to scarlet. When it is placed for a long time, the wood will immerse into the water and the color will change into amaranth and dark. The wood is firm and hard with larger density than water. When the wood changes from dark brown into amaranth, the wood belongs to rosewood order. But mahogany and red sandalwood are two different trees, for mahogany
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