2 pairs Men's Levi's 36 x 34 jeans.

This is an auction for 2 pairs of Mens Levi's 36 x 34 Straight Legged 569 zippered Jeans.
They are in pretty good shape except for a little fraying at the bottom of one leg on one pair of the jeans and lines at the bottom from turning up the pant legs at the bottom.
The inseam (from the inside of the leg to the bottom) measures 34"; measured from the outside of the leg (from the belt loop to the bottom) measures 43" and when measured across the top with the pants buttoned it measures 18". I include these measurements as a way to make sure they will fit. If you would like to bid on these Jeans please make sure they will fit.
Shipping is Flat Rate Priority Mail and will be delivered anyw in the U.S. within 2-3 days.
Thanks for looking.