8 Pairs Of Misc Tongs Blacksmith Anvil Forge Tools NO RESERVE ~BID & GO~

8 Prs Of MISC Blacksmith Tongs... Here is a nice selection of various tongs that are perfect for someone just starting out of if you like to have a variety to pick from... These have seen normal use and are still in good condition, some may need a little tweaking, but overall these are a great start into Blacksmithing.... The styles and intended use size vary, please look the photos over close and ask any questions you have before bidding.. Average length of the tongs measure around 20" long and each pair weighs approx 2 pounds each.. Some of these are brand name and stamped, most of them appear to have been hand forged, but are quality made... This is a good choice of tongs to have around any type of Blacksmith shop.. Listed with NO RESERVE ! ! !

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