PAL adjustable injector razor NICE with NOS blades

This is a PAL injector razor which is most likely from the 1960's. This razor is in EXCELLENT vintage used condition and is clean with a nice shine. This razor is of high quality construction and looks great! The razor has an adjustable dial on it so you can have a custom comfort shave!

Included in this auction, as pictured, is a new old stock sealed in package PAL injector containing 5 stainless steal blades. THIS IS A GREAT PACKAGE!!!

American Safety Razor Co made very nice and DURABLE stainless steel injector razors during the 1960's and 70's and the PAL adjustable razor was the best of the best that ASR produced. ASR believed in these razors so much that they sold them with a lifetime guarantee. It is nearly impossible to break or damage these razors, t are no decals to worry about falling off, and the stainless steel finish is superb. With proper care this razor should provide years of reliable service.

This razor is clean, has a nice shine and has been sterilized. Even though I thoroughly clean and sterilze razors I advise all customers to thoroughly wash razors prior to use due to dirt that may be encountered during shipping and polish residue that may be on the shaving head.

I am a hassle free seller and 100% customer satisfaction is my goal! I put the customer first and will leave positive
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