Paleo Indian artifacts tools from great basin HASKETT

I am new to ebay and have decided to sell my brothers indian artifact collection. I have been studying all about it and have been reading Overstreet and watching other auctions pertaining to the same Indian Artifacts found in Oregon.

I'm certain this is an old time paleo hasket that has been reworkedand it still shows some great patina and the tip has also been anciently reworked down to a thin edge. T is also several knives or hide fleshing tools with the old time paleo clam shell flaking tell tale signs and those are "all t" T is also an old time turtle back scraping tool, an old tip of an old knife or actually it's more than a tip, it was probably used that way and more. These are some good WHOLE old time paleo knives and fleshing tools. I wish I could have talked to that guy who scraped the Mastadon with one of these tools.


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Guaranteed Authentic or your money back.

Additional providence will be provided with the shipment.

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