Palookaville 1-6, 8 SETH Drawn and Quarterly 1991-95

7 issues of PALOOKAVILLE comic by Seth, Drawn & Quarterly. These comics have been stored carefully and are in good condition. I would rate them as mostly VF, maybe F for issue 1. If you know what i'm talking about maybe these comics aren't for you!
" Palookaville (also frequently appears as both Palooka-Ville and Palooka-ville ) is a comic book written and drawn by cartoonist Gregory Gallant, better known as Seth , and published by Drawn & Quarterly . The first issue appeared in April 1991 and it has been irregularly published ever since. The comics are generally portrayals filled with lost, lonely characters searching for meaning, often reaching back into the past. They are known to be deeply affecting and almost indescribably weighty."
All these comics are out of print, rare and otherwise unavailable.