Palos Verdes Coast" 12"x16" by Mick McGinty

New from American Southwest fine artist Mick McGinty

"Palos Verdes Coast 9 am" 12" x 16" oil on panel
About This Painting

This painting is a "Plein Air" piece, meaning it was painted on site directly from this scene. It was painted in early May of this year on the coast in Palos Verdes. One of 5 that I painted that week. The painting is digitally photographed and adjusted to appear as close as possible to what the original painting looks like. Computer displays from your home may vary the images slightly.

Mick McGinty and His Work

To achieve his trademark fine detail, and high-realism, McGinty's original oils are created on traditional 1/4" panels. Masonite is first sanded, then a coat of professional-quality gesso is applied. When that is dry, it is sanded, and the process repeated until a near-enamel-smooth surface is achieved. Then McGinty seals the surface with a matte-finish, acrylic polymer. For McGinty, this surface is preferred over the textural weave of canvas, and lends itself to the higher degree of realism found in all his work.

Mick McGinty has been a professional artist, illustrator and painter for 30 years. His work has been seen literally around the world in advertising campaigns, movie posters, Hollywood billboards, greeting cards, and promotions. Shifting his focus to fine art is a joy
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