Vietnam War Pamphlet

Booklet - Fitting of Helmet Liner

Extra Rare Piece

Vietnam War

Instructions for Using Helment Liner


Excellent and Very Rare Piece

24 Page US Army Booklet - It's Your Head - Keep It - Vietnam War. Extra Rare, first time offered for sale.

These items were issued inside helmet liners at same time that helmet liners issued to Infantrymen.

Super Rare Piece.

Vietnam War Original

Post: Post, Anyw Worldwide is $4.00, Australia $3.00 - (international Posted via Airmail, we post daily). 2nd and subsequent patches (or bank-notes) are sent free of charge when sent in same order.

FREE POST, Free Post is supplied for orders of 4 or more Patches, Maps, Notes, Badges or Medals paid and posted in same weekly order (must be paid within 7 days of first purchase).

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