Panasonic PT-AE900U

Panasonic PT-AE900U
A projector that was certainly ahead of its time. I have enjoyed it over many years. It still powers up and projects, but shuts down after several minutes of operation. The lamp lcd light on top of the unit is solid red when it is powered up (previously blinked). I assume that this means that it needs a new lamp. A new lamp costs between $50-150, which I can't afford at this time. My loss is your gain. !

Native Resolution: 1280x720
Brightness: 1100 ANSI lumens
Contrast: 5500:1
Lens: Manual zoom/focus, with 2.0x zoom range and vertical/horizontal lens shift
Connection ports: One HDMI, RGB (VGA), two 3-RCA component inputs, one S-video, one composite
Weight: 7.9 lbs

Product Features

Brightness. There are so many calibration and operational variables on the AE900 that it is impractical to quote actual lumen outputs for each. Depending upon desired settings for screen size and room environment, the AE900 will generate anywhere from 200 to 650 lumens depending on how you wish to operate it. In practical terms, the AE900 is capable of adequately illuminating screens up to 150" diagonal in a dark viewing room. However for best image quality we would limit image size to no more than 120" diagonal.

Contrast. The contrast rating of 5500:1 represents another significant boost over the AE700
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