Panasonic RC 6040 Flip Clock Alarm Radio Cleaned Tested Fully Functional Retro

Selling a used yet very clean Panasonic RC 6040 flip style alarm clock radio. There are a few little scuffs on the plastic lens, they are not very bad and can probably be polished out if you want. There are a couple scratches on the top of the case but again nothing really serious. The silver banding on the face is worn in a couple spots and again if you like you could easily fix this too. these clocks are getting harder and harder to find in great condition. The high point of this clock is the fact that it is fully functional. I have cleaned and tested it completely. The light under the number dial even works! This is a cool clock and has been featured in film scenes. The snooze button is labeled DOZE which makes it even cooler. There is a cool hypno dial that spins like a screw in the face, probably designed to put you out to sleep. The alarm is very insane sounding and upon testing appears to be adjustable based on the degree of odd sound you would like to be woken to via the volume knob. Or you can wake to your favorite radio station if you wish. This radio is very loud! Shipping will be large USPS priority and insured. If you love retro stuff like me, this is the clock for you.

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