Panatar 16 Panavision Variable Anamorphic Projection Attachment LENS 1.5x - 2x

Panavision Panatar 16mm anamorphic lens. The glass is clear and bright with no scratches. It turns well -- smoothly from infinity to 30, a bit stiffer from 30 to 20, and might turn more to 15. I'm not familiar with the lens didn't want to push it. Body is clean and good looking. Mounting threads look good but I see bumps in two places (I'm not able to tell whether they might affect mounting as I don't have anything of the right size). The other lenses it came with were well cared for. Comes with the original box. Made in the USA.

This lens is supposed to be good in low light situations. I held a Nikon D3000 with an 18-55 lens up to the Panavision to produce the image of the neighborhood. Please examine the photos to assess condition and let me know your questions. I'm happy to combine shipping. No international shipping. Thank you!