Panelologist no.6 rare fanzine '76 Frank Bellamy Infantino Jack Kirby David Hine

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The Panelologist no.6, Aug 1976

Original cover of "Frank Bellamy Has Died" headline & Axe-Man / Bloodstar advert by Paul H.B. Rose / Richard Corben

Another very rare high quality British Comics Fanzine

Rarity: Print run around 800

Condition: VF-

Full contents:

"Prolusion" editorial on the dealer libel case (from James Campbell - see Panelologist no.10) "I have a good reason for lateness this month. We have been approached by a firm of solicitors over a matter of libel!" 1/2pg, "In Pursuit Of Excellence - Five shillings for a comic" types of comic collector feature 1/2pg, "Carmine Infantino - The Artist" art retrospective feature 1pg, Stan Lee & Jack Kirby opinion feature with correspondence from Stan Lee - with Chris Ash "The Coming Of Reed & Franklin Richards!" strip 1pg, "Fan-Speak" comics fandom glossary feature with Alan Hunter "A.D. 3,000" 1 strip, 1pg, "Hopes Of A Comic Library" Golden Age encouragement feature with David Hine "Demon & monk" art 1/2pg, "Fan-Scenes" fanzines reviews including BEM no.9, New Cartoon Review no.7, Comics Unlimited no.37, Comics Plus no.2, Fantasy trader no.22 & THING no.22 1pg, "the alternative section" Underground Comix feature
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