Pantagraphic Knife - Carl Eickhorn - Streifendienst SS

UNUSUAL Trench Art Type Brass Folding Knife. Called a Pantagrahic Knife. I believe it's from the family of Butterfly Knives. I don't know much about these. I just sold a small version made in Nepal. I ahve heard from others MOST of the comments made about these. I am NOT Claiming it is an Original German World War Two Paratrooper Knife. I don't know enough about these. Anyone bidding on this Item I would hope knows EXACTLY what and w this came from. I have owned it since the early 1970s. Picked this one up at an estate sale a LONG TIME AGO. Thanks for taking the time to view the auction and I hope someone that collects these finds this! Another similar item just sold and you can look it up for information. The item number was 190226093024. If this is improper to post, I'm sure I'll hear about...... :-)

I was informed by EBAY that this item cannot be sold abroad. To the international people who have interest in this, I am sorry for the unwelcomed policy. please do not bid if you are outside the USA.


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