Old Paolo Toschi On Canvas Painting Angel Cherub Carved Frame.

The image is 15" tall and 13" wide. The overall wood frame. Very good condition .

TOSCHI, Paul Italian Encyclopedia (1937) John Copertini TOSCHI, P aolo. - Painter, engraver and architect, born in Parma June 6, 1788, died there July 31, 1854. Trainee before B. Martini, in Paris (1809-1819) learned from Bervic the burin technique and that of the Dutch Oortmann 'etching. He attended the Gerard, he studied the works Italian, gathered in Paris at that time. After helping with Canova and with the return of other masterpieces of the Duchy of Parma, returned to Parma, in 1819, his brother Antonio Isac, you opened a recording studio, which is then turned into the engraving school Parma century. XIX. From 1820 until his death he directed the Academy of Fine Arts in Parma except for a brief interruption due to removal for patriotic reasons. The T. excelled in Parma unifying with their own style of what talented contemporaries: GB Borghesi, painter; N. Nettoli, architect; T. Bandini, sculptor, with the help of his taste and authority ccnferitagli elected by the Duchess of Parma, Maria Luisa, widow of Napoleon. As a patriot was a mild but irreducible rebellious. His recordings reproduce cleverly many masterpieces of painting; but his main work consists in having copied all admirably watercolor paintings done in fresco by Correggio and
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