Paper Money Messages Book, 236 pages, Beautiful Photos, Signed by Author, PMG 70

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A wide range of readers will be intrigued by the subject of paper money. This book is highly illustrated, making it an enticing study for those that simply enjoy the many art forms on the world's currencies. Paper money is part of the currency of every nation in the world, conveying messages of historical significance, ranging from the affairs of government in war and peace to the consequences of challenging economic times and political upheaval. The evolution of its colorful imagery and revealing script provide for an interesting study with broad appeal. Whether it expressed the pride that a town, state, or nation found in its historical background, its heroes and distinguished citizens, its architectural accomplishments, or even themes of religious importance and the natural environment, paper money almost always reflected the temperament of the community. This book explores the role that money plays in our everyday lives and addresses the perception of a money's value. What is it that gives this paper any real, material value, when it is backed solely by one's faith in the government that issued it? History records the answer, by the number of governments which have experience hyperinflation. The enigma that people will accept the value of paper money unbacked
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