Papilio bromius Tropical Butterfly SET x 1 A1-

Papilio bromius

Tropical Butterfly

Doubleday , 1845

Auction is for 1 x SET Specimen

Beautiful black butterfly with iridescent shining bright blue areas and spots


Ex. C.A.R. (Central African Republic)

Quality A1- Slight marking on wings (Please see pic)

Set from Papered, recto, topside-up.

Wingspan 80-85mm

Further information;

SET specimens are adult insects which have died and rather than dispose of have been SET (dried) into a pose which shows the insects beauty and allows for easy identification.

The pictures in the auction show the actual insect type you will receive. These are NOT papered but ready mounted in a card box. (Not framed)

We will endevour to offer a range of species for reference collections and for use in Education / Science. Please e-mail for help.

Most of our exotic Butterfly/Moth species are bred in the Country of origion and exported to the UK. No species offered is endangered.

Your purchase helps CONSERVE wildlife habitat for farming insects in third world countries.

You will require a storage box or cabinet in order to house your SET Insects. These can be supplied.

Postal Charges for;




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