Paracord Rosary - 550 Battle Version - Military (SpecOps Tactical Black)

Victory ParaCord Rosaries ~ Military Inspired ~ Battle Tested*

"Faith in the line of duty - Victory Cord!"

One (1) brand new Victory Cord Full Sized 550 Battle Version (SpecOps Tactical Black) ParaCord Rosary, handmade in the U.S.A. from rugged 550 parachute cord and built to last . This Full Sized Victory Cord Rosary is SpecOps Tactical Black and comes with a black St. Benedict Crucifix.

Inspired by the Combat Rosary (a/k/a Ranger Rosary) distributed by military chaplains and carried into battle by members of the U.S. Armed Forces, this Victory Cord Full Sized 550 Battle Version (SpecOps Tactical Black) is intentionally devoid of metal parts to reduce light reflection and noise in combat. The rosary's overall size is approximately thirteen and a half inches (13.5"), making it lightweight ("high-speed"), compact ("low-drag"), and ideal for the cargo pocket or lashed to a ruck sack by carabineer.

This Victory Cord Full Sized 550 Battle Version - Military Rosary is hand-knotted and comes with a 2" black rugged plastic St. Benedict Crucifix. The crucifix is directly attached to the rosary without use of a metal split ring to maintain stealth and to prevent the crucifix from detaching during extreme conditions. Victory Cord ParaCord Rosaries are hand-crafted and intended for "daily carry" by service-members
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