paragon china figurine catalogue

My book is based on my collection of figurines produced by Paragon China Longton.Stoke-on-Trent. It as over 200 full colour pictures of these figurines.

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My first Paragon figurine, a white poodle, was given to me by my gran when I was twelve. She worked for Paragon in the decorating warehouse at Atlas works factory in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. My mother also worked at Paragon as a lithographer, from when she left school until the war and returned when it was over. Mum stayed at Paragon until I was born, then she went back part time when I left school. I was seventeen when I also went to work at Paragon China, for a short time. I trained as a lithographer and gilder.

I started this collection over thirty years ago after my gran died leaving me Lady Evelyn. My collection grew slowly, as there are not many figures at the antique fairs. We went on holiday to Canada where I found to my surprise twelve in an antique shop in Toronto. Needless to say I brought them all home. A lot of figurines were exported to Canada & USA. Now with Ebay the figurines are more readily available although the rare ones are still hard to find as there are no books or records other than those that the Paragon Collectors club and myself have compiled over the years. This is why I have
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