Paragon Gifts Exclusive Tassel Doll Set of Four - Discontinued Models

**VICTORIAN TASSEL DOLLS** By Popular Creations aka Popular Imports Collectible Porcelain Doll, Discontinued Models Original Boxes "MERADITH" Item # 33VC110 "PEACH" Item # 03DL025 "Samantha" Item # 0030TD "Judith" Item # 33VC107 11" High Tassel Doll with Stands - - Discounted 2" Loop attached to some for hanging 2005 Popular Creations
Original Boxes & Stands Included - No Certificate of Authenticity.... "Meradith" has a broken right arm. It is still attached, but if you touch it, you can feel its broken. "Judith" has small black marks on the inside of her dress. It's not visible unless you look for it. I didn't try to clean it off either as I don't want to ruin any part of these beautiful dolls. I included a picture of the marks for your viewing. Please review the pictures to see the beauty of this four piece collection.