old PARAMO Bench VICE made in England, 90 lbs, 6x12 jaw

For your consideration is another vintage lot consisting of a top quality PARAMO Bench VICE No.6. "Hi-Duty" and "Made in England" embossed in the castings. Weighs in at 90 pounds! Deluxe model with replaceable 6 inch wide jaws. Adjustable jaw is 21 inches long end to end, with at least 12 inches of BITE. It's 9-1/2 inches tall x 9 inches wide. Replaceable jaws in good decent "used" condition and this fine example has no major apologies to include cracks, breaks, chips, excessive bang marks from a sledge, or damage of any sort. The screw has not been "sprung" and opens and closes nice and smooth. Sliding rod on end of screw rod not bent, as many are found --travels freely. Complete and in good working order. Exhibits lite wear from use from over the years, this vice is way better than just most average condition. Sold as found, just a little surface rust here and there from winters condensation, needs a lite clean up and oiling. Well seasoned it has stood the test of time, a testimony of it's mettel. Tools from England have been world renowned for century's and older products are known for the highest quality manufacture. A high quality vice is really a sound investment, with a steady track record of appreciating in value over the years. Y ou can use it for decades, then sell for a profit. So in the long run, this will cost you nothing, ... read more