PARATRAXX SURVIVAL Kukri Bolo Bush Parang Knife Machete

Cut, Chop, Carve, Saw, Shave, Gut and Slice

In this auction we are offering an exciting new survival knife design...the Paratraxx...a custom utility survival knife by "Axtion Bladez Conceptz". The Paratraxx is a knife set with the functionality of a Kukri, Bolo and Parang, as well as a machete, saw, draw knife and skinning knife, all in one and with the price of only one! It has a large knife of 13" overall length including the 7.5" blade for the chopping, sawing, hacking jobs. In the handle is a smaller, built-in, back up knife of 4.5" (with a 2" blade) for the finer, more intricate jobs (smaller knife is spring loaded into handle of larger knife!). Two knives for the price of one! Both are high quality stainless steel! Who could ask for more! The Paratraxx is the ultimate in either woods or urban survival! With functionality, style and utility in mind, this is your one choice for survival!! Complete with ABS sheath with horizontal and vertical positioning belt clips and side belting holes for you to be able to add belt or pouches and includes lanyards on handles of both the large and small Paratraxx knife!

These knives have been selling these like crazy and have had great reviews!! They have even been featured in BLADE © and other knife magazines in "What's new" articles about the
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