Parelli Theraflex Western Saddle Pad

Help your horse have a happy back.

You and your horse will experience hours of riding pleasure with this Theraflex saddle pad. Imagine riding on your balance point with your horse moving fluidly beneath you. A happy rider and a happy horse!

Select A Picture Improves saddle fit. Liberating to the horse's back. Feel your horse move gracefully under you. Ride with fluidity. Ride on your balance points.

The following description of the pad is from the Parelli website.

The Theraflex Pad is a self inflating, auto-balancing pad that:

Evenly distributes the weight of the entire saddle tree Improves saddle fit Alleviates pressure points Provides anti-slip performance Protects the horse's back Allows the horse's back to flex and move more freely Allows the skin to breathe and cools the horse through evaporative process Insures No pressure on the spine or its ligaments Improves air flow and release of heat Allows right and left balance for the rider Improves the feel of riding by facilitating close contace Improves the horse's comfort and performance

Size of pad: length 28" x width 28"

Shipping Policy Feedback Item will be shipped within 3-5 business days of receipt of payment. Shipping generally takes 5-10 business days once item is delivered to the carrier.
Alaska and Hawaii bidders are encouraged
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