The good looking young man in the photograph, � Jimmy Tate was a "Working Boys"at the infamous "Paresis Hall" male brothel that was located in New York City. Situated on Fifth & Bowery, off of Coopers Square. Paresis was one of 3 male to male clubs that existed in NYC beginning in 1890. � The number of clubs increased to no fewer than 6 by the early 1900's, which leaves one to wonder in Victorian Society, when this sort of behavior... simply did not exist... business was brisk! � Male bonding was practiced to the extreme in every possible way.� � � This original� photograph is part of a collection passed on to me. � Circa 1890's. � The background story will be provided to the winning bidder. � An exceedingly rare photograph and a insight into gay life nearly 120 years ago.� I will be listing the remainder of this collection in the next few weeks. � Please note:� The 2nd., 3rd., 4th. & 5th. photos are for illustration purposes and are not included in the auction.� They are as follows:� Period post card showing #35 coopers sq. which was the infamous "little bucks" boy brothel in the 1890's.� Paresis Hall was located directly across the street.� ***� A recent photo of what was once Paresis Hall ( now the village voice offices ).� ***� period photograph of the 10 cent turkish baths that were located down the street � *** � Two ... read more