RARE Paris Camembert Cheese Box Clock by Artist Daniel Foulachon Handmade

What a charming way to keep up with your day! The colorful artwork on this clock face is from a camenbert cheese and the cheese box is its framework. The piece is signed by Daniel Foulachon, Paris, 29 Mars, 2009 and it also has a sticker inside with the artist's address, etc. All I could find out about the artist was that he was from a family of cheesemakers and combined his love of clocks with the raw materials available. The box comes apart so you can add a double A battery; I have had it running for about a month and it seems to keep very good time. The round cheese box stands up thanks to the clever addition of three small wooden blocks in triangle form. I can find no flaws other than a blotch on the back near the artist's signature, maybe it was a price sticker?

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