Paris CDV GRAFIN ANTONIE PERGEN Walery (elder) c1875

Unusual Deluxe French Carte de Visite. PORTRAIT OF GRAFIN ANTONIE PERGEN - Paris, c. 1875.

The card light-weight stock with square corners, very glossy cream-colored on the front and matte cream-colored on the back - measures 2-1/2 x 3-7/8". The bottom front has the photographer's credits in white type on the bottom, and the credits are repeated on the back in black type, along with a logo: Photographie Walery, 9 Bis Rue de Londres, Paris . (This was almost certainly Count Stanislaw Julian Ostorog, the elder - see below.) The back has an old penciled inscription identifying the subject as: Grafin Antonie Pergen . The handwriting is very clear, so there is no doubt about this attribution. The back also has a notice of the photographer's Medaille de Bon Gout awarded in Vienna, 1873. The card is deeply embossed, creating a domed shape on the front and a 3-dimensional effect. The photo is b/w and with sepia tones and rich, velvety color.

The image is a full-figure seated portrait of a middle-aged woman dressed in a voluminous silk dress with styling more typical of the 1860s than the 1870s. Though the photo almost certainly dates from around 1875, the (older) woman is apparently dressed in somewhat outdated costume, as was common for older women.

Grafin Pergen poses with a book in a studio setting featuring a figured
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