RARE PARK Bicycle Frame Straightening Tool campagnolo

(1) RARE - New PARK Bicycle Frame Straightening Tool

- The tool you are bidding on here is a brand new one in the original box. I will try to add photos later, but I show a photo below of a used tool mounted on a Masi for demonstration purposes. You are bidding on the same exact type of tool, except that it is brand spanking NEW. Included are all of the parts you need, which includes the spreader tool and long bar that slips into the head tube. Please ask if you have any questions. This tool is amazing and I have two of them and this is my extra brand new one.

- The tool is manufactured by the Park Bicycle Tool Manufacturing Company.

- primarily for straightening bicyle frames that have been subjected to a frontal impact and bent the head tube and or front fork.

- This rare tool is very hard to find, because it has been out of production for many years, because Aluminum and Carbon bikes have taken over. Thanks to the fixie craze and long-time Classic steel bike collectors like those on Classic Rendezvous, this tool is still relevant and the only tool that can fix a frame bent from a frontal crash.

- for Masi, De Rosa, Eddy Merckx, Cinelli and other high quality steel bike frame straightening.

SHIPPING: The tool is very heavy, for shipping because it includes a very thick and heavy
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