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Estate Road Show Estate Road Show (Auction Gallery in Charleston SC) holds live, TAG and online only events from items it finds from travels to estate sales and liquidations all over the world. We fully guarantee anything we claim (research, condition reports). Items won can be picked up at our auctionhouse to save shipping costs. If you need help please contact us at

Treasure trove left untouched for half a century

Estate Roadshow Auctions is now conducting the first in a series of sales to disperse the remarkable personal collection (over 5000 lots) and early store stock of Connecticut antiques dealer Louise Mondani Graham, who passed in August. From the mid-1950s until 2005, Graham operated her old-school antiques business, Brass Bugle Antiques, from a well-patronized barn in Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield County, Connecticut. The building gained acclaim after it was chosen to be the subject of an artwork by Graham's close friend, the noted New England painter Eric Sloane (1905-1985).

This is event #3 to be sold at no reserve on eBay Timed Auctions with over 450 lots selling on March 22nd in 1 minute intervals. Use eBay Desktop to view all the lots in order for faster bidding. Every Sunday we will sell from 400-600 lots at no reserve until our final live auction event to be held


Item Description Vintage Collection of Lighters and Advertisers: Park Industries, Continental, Giant, Crest Craft, Hi-Lite, and My-Lite. Lot of 10. Case marked: Park Industries, Murfreesboro, Tenn. U.S.A. "Giants" lighter marked "T.C. Hong Kong, C 9." Little lighters marked: Crest Craft Japan, hi-lite Korea, My-lite Korea, Continental Japan. Cig. case: 3.25"l, 2.25"w, 1"h. "Giants" lighter: 2.75"l, 1.75"w, 0.5"h. A very nice early collection of advertising lighters for the collector. Combined weight: 11 oz.
Retail Value Estimate: $100-$150
Condition: some wear from age

All items come with certificate of Provenance

Shipping & Handling Information Please request an invoice from us at the end of the auction. Items over $100 must have insurance at $1 per $100. Orders over $100 will have a $2.75 charge for signature confirmation. Glass or fragile items will have a $2.50 packing charge added for materials and special handling. We combine lots - just add up the weight to calculate see your shipping total for US customers. 0lb. - 1lbs. $7.50 1 lb. - 2 lbs.$9.25 2 lbs. - 3 lbs.$9.75 3 lbs. - 4 lbs.$10.25 4 lbs. - 5 lbs.$10.75 5 lbs. - 6 lbs.$11.25 6 lbs. - 7 lbs.$11.75 7 lbs. - 8 lbs.$12.25 8 lbs. - 9 lbs.$12.75 9 lbs. - 10 lbs.$13.25 10 lbs. - 11 lbs.$14.25 11 lbs. - 12 lbs.$14.75 12 lbs. - 13 lbs.$15.25 13 lbs. - 14 lbs.$15.75 14 lbs. - 15 lbs.$16.25 15 lbs. - 16 lbs.$17.25 16 lbs. - 17 lbs.$18.25 17 lbs. - 18 lbs.$19.25 18 lbs. - 19 lbs.$19.75 19 lbs. - 20 lbs.$20.25 20 lbs. - 21 lbs.$21.25 21 lbs. - 22 lbs.$21.75 22 lbs. - 23 lbs.$22.25 23 lbs. - 24 lbs.$22.75 24 lbs. - 25 lbs.$24.25 OS1, OS2 items have extra handling charges Small framed art = $31.00 less than = 16" x 16" Medium framed art = $42.00 17"x17" = 27"x29" Large framed art = $58.00 28"x30" = 34"x43" International customers: We use priority mail rates which is are listed their website. We charge cost + $5.00 for glass and fragile items, or cost + $2.50 for all other items. We combine to save money and we will ship using any method you want. Just request a custom invoice from us after the aucti...
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