Parker 51 Fountain Pen First Year Deskbase - Large and Uncommon - NO RESERVE

A Parker "51" Fountain Pen deskset with first year pens. Heavy marble base with Telechron electric clock. Beautiful Art Deco design, working perfectly and keeping time as it should. This set was introduced and made only in 1941, the first year of production for the Parker "51" and was very expensive at around $200.00. The marble base is in excellent shape with the exception of one corner in the back, as shown. Other than that, from the front the base looks perfect. Pen base has 2 near mint "first year" pens with imprints on the taper and blue diamonds on the barrels. Both pen have the plastic speedline fillers. Fine 14k nibs, the pens are completely restored and working perfectly. Truely a decorative piece and very collectible as a "first year" example. No shipping outside the U.S.