Parker 51 in Teal Blue, Serviced

This is a Parker 51 in Teal Blue, full sized and working perfectly. It has a 14k fine nib. The body of the pen shows little to no wear, has been buffed and polished and looks very nice. The cap has been refinished.

Apologies to those who might have noticed I mislabeled this pen as midnight blue. Its a very dark teal blue, and I hadn't looked at the pen closely after cleaning it up until I took the pictures. The pen is a dark blue, but it isn't the almost black of midnight blue.

This pen has been fully serviced. It has been disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, properly reassembled, and write tested. It works very well. The nib is smooth and the flow is good. It will be ready to be used as soon as it arrives to its new owner.

I give a three month guarantee on the pens representation in this auction. If it stops working, or if you feel that the pen was misrepresented or any relevant omissions were made your money will be returned. Once they've been restored aeros work fine for a long time. As long as it is well cared for this pen should last a good 25 years or more quite easily.

The cost for international shipping is 6.00 for regular airmail, which takes about 7-14 days or 13.00 for expedited airmail which takes 5-10 days. I can send it registered as well, which is a 10.50 charge on top of the mailing
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